LED Stop Sign (Solar Powered)


Solar Traffic Signs

Durable Self-Powered & Environmentally Friendly Signs
Designed to display warning lighting clearly for many hours, and in any weather condition. Its rechargeable solar battery helps save energy and protects the environment, without compromising its bright LED display. This model is also IP65 marked, preventing entry of rain into the device, and is both waterproof and lightning-protected to allow comfortable and safe use outdoors.

Solar Traffic Signs
-Long battery life / with led lighting
-Solar charger
-Environment Protection

  • Waterproof & Lighting Protection (No fear of bad weather, meet the needs of outdoor us.)
  • Conversion Rate 20% (Mono Crystalline, Charging 6-8 hours)
  • Large Capacity is more durable Lithium Ion 11.1V 8AH. (long-term lighting, safe and reliable, long-term storage, durable)
  • High quality solar panel (Solar power supply, save energy, protect the environment, and have a good warning effect even at night)
  • Bright LED Chips (Super bright LED lamp beads, energy saving and long life. The color is clear, and it has good visual effects both day and night)
  • High quality aluminum lamp body (Aluminum alloy bod with reflective film, good appearance, not easy to corrode)
  • Light control power switch (IP65 effectively prevent the infiltration of rain)


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