Terms & Conditions

1. General

These general terms and conditions (”The terms and conditions”) apply when you, as a customer (”You”), place an order at www.telldus.com/en and accompanying webpages, (”The website”). An agreement is concluded between you and Proove AB, CRN 556456-9928. Detailed contact information and other information about Proove AB is shown on the website. The terms and conditions only apply to customers who place orders via the website.

Proove AB cannot be held responsible for out-of-stock products and any typographical errors on the website, for instance product description errors, incorrect prices and price adjustments (such as amended supplier prices or currency changes) or incorrect information about a product being in stock. Proove AB reserves the right to adjust any such errors and change or update information at any time.

The website, including all its content, is owned by Proove AB or its licensor. The information is protected for instance by intellectual property and market law legislation. This means that it is prohibited to copy or use brands, images and graphical elements, layout and information relating to products, services and other content without written approval from Proove AB.

2. Ordering

You must be 18 years old to place an order on the website. In individual cases, Proove AB reserves the right to refuse or change your order (for instance if you have provided incorrect personal data and/or have payment defaults).

You must accept the terms and conditions to be able to make a purchase on the website. Accepting the terms and conditions binds you to complying in full with the terms and conditions, and indicates your approval that you have received the information relating to personal data and given your consent to the use of personal data and cookies in accordance with Proove AB’s data protection policy, see here.

A purchase agreement is concluded only when Proove AB has confirmed your order and you have received an order confirmation from Proove AB by email. Proove AB encourages you to save this order confirmation in the case of any contact with Proove AB’s customer service.

3. Personal data

You confirm that the data you enter is correct and complete. Proove AB is not responsible for data that is incorrectly entered.

Proove AB is responsible for managing the personal data you provide Proove AB. Your details are used to allow Proove AB to perform its obligations, such as providing good service and conducting marketing activities for instance product offer mailshots. In compliance with the Data Protection Act, you are entitled to, once every 12 months, request information about the personal data managed by Proove AB, irrespective of how it has been collected. A signed request has to be submitted to Proove AB if you wish to receive such information. The request must be in writing and cannot be sent by email. If personal data has been handled in violation of the Data Protection Act, you have the right to request that the data is amended, blocked or deleted.

4. Prices and payment

When ordering on the website the prices displayed on the website apply. Prices include VAT if not otherwise indicated.

You can pay using any of the methods outlined on the website. Read more about our payment methods on the website. Proove AB reserves the right to request payment when orders are placed, if payment by invoice or other similar payment method has not been selected by you and approved by Proove AB. If payment is made by invoice, Proove AB or its partners may conduct a credit rating check. You will be notified if this is the case. Proove AB reserves the right to not always offer all payment methods or modify payment methods if the one you have selected for any reason does not work at the time of purchase. Note that any payment limitations are published on the website.

Purchases paid by invoice are administered by Klarna, a service that is only offered to customers in Sweden. Klarna administers all our bank transactions in relation to payments made by bank or credit cards. Proove AB does not store or handle any bank or credit card numbers. Contact Proove AB’s customer service with any questions relating to security and payment methods.

5. Campaigns and offers

From time to time, Proove AB may offer campaigns on the website with more favourable terms compared to those outlined here. These more favourable terms are valid as long as the campaign runs and apply to the specific products Proove AB has decided to include in the campaign. Proove AB reserves the right to discontinue such campaigns at any time. Offers on specific products on the website apply during a limited period and as long as stocks last.

6. Delivery and transport costs

The expected delivery time for a product is outlined in the order confirmation, at the checkout and/or on the website.

Free shipping and free handling within Sweden on orders from SEK 899. Orders under SEK 899 will be charged SEK 59.

Delivery of order takes place from our warehouse within 5 – 7 working days. We reserve the right that the delivery time may be affected by seasonal sales and promotions.

If a packet has to be collected, you should do so before the deadline specified on the collection note. A collection note stating where and when to collect the packet is always sent out to you. The notification can be sent by email, letter or by a phone call or text message if a mobile phone number was provided. If you do not collect the packet, Proove AB has the right to charge you a fee of SEK 120.

7. Returns

A right of return period of 14 days applies when purchasing products on the website in compliance with prevailing consumer protection legislation. This means you are entitled to return the product you have purchased by informing Proove AB of this within 14 days from when you or your agent received the ordered product (cooling period). Please contact our customer service if you wish to return your purchased product.

Return adress:
Proove AB
Kabelvägen 7
31150 Falkenberg

Name your package “Telldus return”.

The right of return does not cover the following types of products: (a) products that have been manufactured in line with your instructions or in some other way require a distinct personal finish; (b) products where the package seal is broken and which cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons. You will receive clear information about any product ordered for which there is no right of return.

If a product is sealed, you will not be entitled to utilise your right of return if the seal is broken. In other words, the right of return is terminated when you break the package seal.

When utilising the right of return, you pay for any return transport costs and are responsible for the condition of the product after you have received it and during its return journey. The product must be sent as a return within 14 days from the date you notified Proove AB that you intend to utilise your right of return. The product must be sent well packaged, in good condition and in the original box.

In certain cases, Proove AB can offer to cover the return costs of certain products. Where this is applicable is published on the website.

In terms of the refundable amount, Proove AB has the right to deduct a sum corresponding to the decrease in value of the product in relation to the original value of the product, if and to the extent that such a decrease in value is due to the fact that you have handled the product more than is necessary to determine its features or functionality.

Proove AB refunds the amount as soon as possible, but no later than the 14 days from the date Proove AB received the product. The refund will take place using the payment option you have selected, on condition no other option was agreed on or there are no obstacles to such a refund.

8. Complaints

The right to complain applies to products which are faulty in compliance with consumer protection legislation. Complaints made within two months from when you discovered the fault are deemed to always have been submitted on time. Products purchased on the website entitles you to a three-year right to complain. Please contact our customer service if you wish to make a complaint about a product.

Proove AB pays the return transport costs for any approved complaint claims.

When the faulty product is returned and the complaint has been approved, Proove AB will refund you in compliance with prevailing consumer protection legislation. Proove AB endeavours to complete this process within 30 days from the date it has received the complaint. Proove AB reserves the right to refuse a complaint claim if it can be proven that the product is not faulty in compliance with prevailing consumer protection legislation.

9. Force majeure

Proove AB is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances outside Proove AB’s control such as general labour disputes, war, fires, lightning strikes, terrorist attacks, amended regulatory stipulations, technical issues, failure of electricity, telephone and data services or other forms of communication, as well as errors or delays in services provided by sub-suppliers due to the circumstances outlined here. These circumstances shall constitute grounds for exemption from any liability damages and other penalties. If such an event should occur, Proove AB will notify you at the outset and at the conclusion of the event in question. Should the event run for more than two months, both you and Proove AB are entitled to cancel the purchase with immediate effect.

10. Amending the terms and conditions

Proove AB reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. All amendments to these terms and conditions will be published on the website. The amendments apply from when you have accepted the terms and conditions (by making a new purchase or visiting the website), or 30 days after Proove AB has notified you of the amendments. Proove AB however recommends that you visit the website regularly to stay abreast of any amendments to the terms and conditions.

11. Govering law and disputes

Disputes should in the first place be settled amicably in discussion with Proove AB’s customer service. In the case of a dispute, Proove AB complies with the judgement reached by the General Complaints Board in Sweden (It must be pointed out that any Board judgements are, as such, not binding).

Disputes in relation to interpretations or application of these terms and conditions shall be governed in accordance with Swedish law and decided by the General Complaints Board or ultimately by the courts.

12. Invalidity

If a competent court, authority or arbitration panel finds that any clause in these terms and conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the clause in question and all other clauses shall be deemed as valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The clauses that are deemed invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by relevant judicial guidelines and advice.